A story of success.

A story of success.
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Facts & Figures

A family business with strong roots

More than 70 years ago the radio pioneers Huber and Brendel founded a radio technology laboratory in the post-World War II Crailsheim, Germany. With their pioneering spirit they laid the groundwork for our success story.

With over 60 % of our systems produced for export and a sales and service network in over 40 countries, we can count ourselves as one of the globally leading companies of our industry.

As a medium-sized family business with about 420 employees, we have always stayed true to our home base in Crailsheim and will continue to do so. With investments in 3 entirely new facilities with state-of-the-art production engineering, we have set the course for a successful future in Crailsheim.

Radio pioneers in Crailsheim, 1950s.
HBC headquarters in the 1990s.
Our new production in Crailsheim, 2016.

Your reliable partner – worldwide

From steelworks in India to drilling rigs in the North Sea, from research institutes at the South Pole to construction sites in New York: HBC radio controls are in use every day and all around the globe.

As an HBC customer you can rely on competent customer service – anywhere, any time. We offer you a worldwide sales and service network with 6 HBC subsidiaries and more than 40 partner companies.

You can find our worldwide contacts here.

HBC-radiomatic, Inc. in Hebron (Kentucky), USA.
HBC-radiomatic Schweiz AG in Othmarsingen, Switzerland.


1947 Huber & Brendel founded in Crailsheim.

1950 Introduction of the Portafon 6, the first portable radio-telephone for civil use in Germany at the radio tradeshow in Düsseldorf.

1963 Introduction of the first radio-controlled storm warning system at Lake Constance.

1968 Presentation of the first HBC radio control for cranes.

1975 Introduction of the first HBC radio system for hazardous areas.

1979 Premiere of the first HBC radio system with microprocessor control.

1986 HBC first offers a proportional radio control.

1986 The classic “spectrum” series is launched.

1988 HBC presents the world’s first radio control with “tandem operation” and “catch-release”.

1991 The classic “micron” series is released.

1993 HBC first offers a feedback system with LCD display.

2005 Start of the world’s first automatic frequency management system radiomatic® AFM.

2010 HBC presents radio controls with a configurable color display.

2011 Premiere of the new operating concept pilot: radio control by hand movement.

2012 Large-scale expansion of HBC’s 2.4 GHz technology.

International growth

1991 Foundation of our service station in Stollberg and our sales and service office in Berlin, Germany, after German Reunification.

1998 Foundation of HBC-radiomatic France in La Wantzenau, France. Foundation of HBC-radiomatic, Inc. in Cincinnati, USA.

2003 Foundation of HBC-radiomatic Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH in Dortmund, Germany.

2004 Foundation of HBC-radiomatic Ibérica S.L. in Barcelona, Spain.

2005 Foundation of HBC-radiomatic Schweiz AG in Neuenhof, Switzerland.

2007 Opening of the new HBC components production facility in Crailsheim.

2013 Foundation of HBC-radiomatic India Pvt. Ltd. in Pune, India.