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Here you can find all about our product innovations and other interesting news about HBC-radiomatic.

Tablet computer holders for radio controls.

In many industry branches, smart mobile devices ensure convenient and quick communication between humans and machines, allow for clear visualization of comprehensive process conditions and are invaluable tools when it comes to recording and evaluation of machine information for maintenance and service. Thanks to our tablet computer holders, you are now even able to take full advantage of those benefits while working comfortably with your HBC radio control.


Spectrum wireless controls for cranes and machinery.

Our classic spectrum series for the wireless control of cranes and machinery is now available with numerous new features and functions as well as with a completely new transmitter.


The radiomatic® photon 2CAM switch.

By video camera camera assistance, radiomatic® photon offers precise and safe operation in demanding working areas. Depending on machine type, work environment and purpose, using a second camera can be helpful and sensible. radiomatic® photon 2CAM switch is the optimum solution for such scenarios.


The radiomatic® photon MCS. A mobile camera assistance.

By video camera assistance, radiomatic® photon offers precise and safe operation in demanding working areas. radiomatic® photon MCS is the perfect choice for flexible use of the live camera at different locations.


Radio signal amplifier

Certain application scenarios may require controlling a machine from a physically separated area – for example when the operator is in a cab or in a protected control room. Such a physical separation can impair transmission of radio signals. focus E ensures a perfectly working radio connection even in such challenging conditions.


HBC Radio Control Patrol L

patrol L combines the slender dimensions of the patrol series with the precision and quality of our tried and tested HBC linear levers. The transmitter is carried comfortably at the side of the body. Smart additional features ensure efficient working and protect the operator if an emergency situation occurs.


HBC Radio Control Patrol T

The compact patrol T radio transmitter is the perfect choice for the control of the most diverse machinery. By numerous valuable features and functions, this multi-talented device ensure safe and convenient work.


Radio control in cooperation with camera assistance

Safe working with camera assistance.

Positioning a gripper arm precisely over the load, driving a logistic vehicle through areas with limited view, or applying a drill bit exactly at the desired position in narrow spaces: Our new camera assistance radiomatic® photon is a valuable help for such demanding tasks.