HBC radio controls in the field

We have collected a small selection of application reports. Find out which advantages HBC radio controls offer for everyday work!

“The specifications for the stone crusher have been implemented perfectly.”


spectrum radio controls increase safety and efficiency and provide optimum operating comfort when working with IROCK stone crushers. 


“Complete handling finished in 5 minutes”


Transporting goods on railway has a whole range of advantages: reliability, predictability and safety make rail transport an attractive option, both from the standpoint of logistics and efficiency. In addition to that, emissions are minimal.


HBC radio control offers safety and operating comfort.


The Bavarian company Lindermayr specializes in the semi-automatic production of prefabricated concrete products. During an extensive modernization of the company’s production facility in Friedberg, Germany, a complete re-design of the crane system was planned in order to increase the system’s performance.


Versatile track vehicle with HBC radio control makes firefighting easier and protects rescue forces.


Fighting fires in difficult situations or in inaccessible areas poses extremely high risks to rescue forces. The newly developed special vehicle First Attack made by the company ITM from Ebersberg (Germany) specifically tackles this challenge: the innovation is based on a maneuverable track vehicle that can even climb stairs, thanks to its all-terrain capabilities.