Decisive advantages for the control of container trucks.

Radio control by hand movements: pilot in the field.


The EZB AG, a specialist in waste disposal from Bubendorf in Switzerland, uses pilot for the wireless control of container trucks manufactured by the Swiss Nencki AG. The operator can control the movements of the container with simple and comfortable up and down movements of the transmitter. “Precision is extremely important during this operation”, explains Tobias Zurfluh, assistant manager of EZB AG. “The operating concept has decisive advantages here because it is very sensitive and reacts exactly to the hand movements and thus allows us to handle the task with enormous precision.”


“Intuitive and easy to learn”

In addition to the analog control of the movements of the main and telescopic arms, the operator can also move the load hooks, operate the vehicle outriggers and (de-)activate the engine. The innovative transmitter design provides optimum operating comfort. “The control is convenient to handle and rests perfectly in the hand”, Tobias Zurfluh is glad to report, “at the same time, the operation of the container truck becomes highly intuitive and very easy to learn with this new operating concept.”

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