Reliable control technology for a customized Brunnhuber crane.

Brunnhuber special crane is working in a storage hall.

HBC radio control offers safety and operating comfort.


The Bavarian company Lindermayr specializes in the semi-automatic production of prefabricated concrete products. During an extensive modernization of the company’s production facility in Friedberg, Germany, a complete re-design of the crane system was planned in order to increase the system’s performance. This demanding redesign was implemented by the crane specialists at Brunnhuber. The engineers of the German company from Augsburg designed a custom-built 12.5 ton stacking crane, which uses a hoist made by STAHL CraneSystems and a lift mast by Sommer that lifts around 6 tons of concrete elements from the production line, piles them on a transport vehicle and gets them to the shipping department.


Proven and reliable HBC radio control

A central aspect of the project was the operation of the crane, which should be designed as easy and comfortable as possible. The decision by the responsible project managers at Brunnhuber was made to utilize the HBC radio system FST 516 spectrum 1. This product – proven a thousand times over – scores big with enormous robustness, low sensitivity to wear and outstanding operating comfort. A special feature of the HBC radio control on the new Brunnhuber crane is the clever MRC concept. “MRC stands for Multi-Receiver-Concept”, explains Thomas Stegmaier, Product Manager at HBC-radiomatic. “The basic idea is as simple as it is convincing: instead of a ‘classical’ radio system with one radio transmitter and one radio receiver, the crane uses several radio receivers that are controlled by a single radio transmitter. Each receiver is only responsible for certain crane functions and is installed directly at the crane components. The costs and installation time of trailing cables is no longer necessary.”


“Saved time and costs”

In this example at Lindermayr, the crane control and the crossbeam control are equipped with separate receivers. “We were thus able to avoid the use of trailing cables to the crossbeam”, explains Reiner Frick, the responsible sales engineer at Brunnhuber cranes, “the main current supply for the crossbeam works with a simple coiled cord. This means we have saved considerable time and costs.” The new crane system has been in non-stop use for several months now. “Currently, the system does about 200 tons and 210 lifting operations per day – 24 hours on six days a week”, says Reiner Frick. “With the redesign, Lindermayr was able to increase their handling of prefabricated elements by about 20 percent – and the operation has become much more comfortable and safer with the HBC radio control.”

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