Safe-distance firefighting.

Firefighter is working with a versatile track vehicle with HBC radio control

Versatile track vehicle with HBC radio control makes firefighting easier and protects rescue forces.


Fighting fires in difficult situations or in inaccessible areas poses extremely high risks to rescue forces. The newly developed special vehicle First Attack made by the company ITM from Ebersberg (Germany) specifically tackles this challenge: the innovation is based on a maneuverable track vehicle that can even climb stairs, thanks to its all-terrain capabilities. Depending on the field of application, the vehicle can be combined with many different components. “The possibilities range from fire monitors to high-pressure air modules with water mist technology”, Torsten Müller, manager of ITM, explains. Thanks to the powerful and comprehensive hydraulics, rescue equipment and extra hydraulic pumps can be connected in a few easy steps. These possibilities make First Attack not only suitable for standard firefighting operations, but also for maneuvering and hauling purposes.


“Decisive safety improvements”

A special feature of First Attack is its operating concept. “The entire vehicle and all components can be controlled by radio from a safe distance”, Oliver Meister, head of Marketing. “It can penetrate areas or zones with limited access and extreme temperatures and immediately start with the firefighting operation; all of this without any danger to rescue forces. The system thus offers decisive safety improvements!”


Close collaboration between the project partners

The development of the radio control was made in close collaboration between the HBC Product Management and ITM. “In order to accommodate the necessary operating elements, the choice was made for a version of the radio system FST 511 spectrum 2”, says Oliver Meister. This proven product scores with its first-class performance, its enormous robustness and its almost unlimited individual design possibilities.


Optimum visibility, even in darkness

In the ITM version, the system is equipped with two high-quality HBC joysticks for the comfortable and precise control of driving commands, several toggle switches and two rotary switches for the control and pre-selection of vehicle components. Especially for operations in darkness or in areas with limited lighting conditions, the operator can switch on the front panel lighting. Additional operating comfort and safety are provided by five feedback LEDs on the control panel. “They inform the operator about important machine conditions and errors, such as oil pressure, and indicate the battery status of the radio system”, Oliver Meister explains. “This means that the operator can react in time if there should be an error.”


“Perfect implementation of requirements”

The wireless HBC radio control is already in use on First Attack systems and has proven its reliability. ITM manager Torsten Müller is extremely happy with the results: “The collaboration with HBC-radiomatic has worked out great. The project managers have perfectly implemented our demanding requirements!”

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