Control vehicle functions safely and conveniently via HBC radio.

HBC radio systems can now also be used for the safe and convenient operation of complete Volvo trucks. Our newly developed interface enables the precise control of all vehicle functions including a wide variety of superstructures, attachments and outriggers with a single HBC radio system.

The new interface is fully compatible with a wide variety of Volvo trucks (Exster option). It enables convenient control of all driving functions, such as steering, accelerating, braking and more. In addition, the operator can use the same radio control to operate a wide variety of vehicle equipment, such as outriggers, cranes and sewer cleaning equipment. State-of-the-art HBC radio technology ensures maximum security, efficiency and performance.

The integration of the radio control is implemented in cooperation with the authorized truck service provider.

See the following video for this HBC innovation in action:

Volvo Truck Interface - YouTube

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