First-class domestic service and support: HBC-radiomatic Canada is launching.

We are excited and proud to present to you the HBC group's youngest subsidiary, HBC-radiomatic Canada Inc. Based in the Greater Toronto Area, we will provide our customers with comprehensive domestic support and tailor-made radio remote control solutions which perfectly meet their specific requirements.

With HBC-radiomatic Canada Inc. we strongly affirm our long standing promise to our customers: We are here for you. We are local wherever you are. At the same time, this latest expansion of our wide-spanned worldwide network enables us to directly offer HBC’s excellence and commitment to our rapidly growing customer-base in Canada.

Canada’s focus on technology and innovation is a perfect fit for HBC-radiomatic’s standing as the global technology leader in the field of industrial radio remote controls. With more than 75 years of experience in the industry, comprehensive in-house R&D and engineering capabilities in our German headquarters and with our domestic production capabilities in North America, we are the #1 choice when it comes to the wireless control of any equipment. From the mining and oil & gas to forestry and aluminum & steel processing markets, to hydroelectric dams, cranes, mobile hydraulics, and material handling equipment to: HBC’s cutting-edge radio remote controls significantly increase efficiency, safety and ergonomics in any field of operation.

With the founding of HBC-radiomatic Canada, we are pleased to introduce the company’s General Manager, Mr. Daniel Da Luz. Based on his comprehensive expertise and experience in the market, he will spearhead HBC’s domestic presence and lead the expansion of our market position in Canada.

As HBC-radiomatic Canada Inc. is starting its journey, we are working with laser focus to quickly establish HBC’s first-class service and support capabilities. In the meantime, we are happy to offer our customers the full support of HBC-radiomatic’s production and service teams located in the United States. Together with the backing of HBC’s extensive global resources and capabilities, with its headquarters in Crailsheim / Germany, all our Canadian customers will be fully supported worldwide with HBC’s industry leading quality.

We look forward to sharing more announcements with you soon!

For all your industrial radio remote controls needs contact HBC-radiomatic Canada Inc. at 1-833-HBC-CAD1 (1-833-422-2231) or by email at


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