FST 314 micron M. A tailor-made duo for industrial cranes with 3 drives and trolley preselection.

FST 314 micron M. A tailor-made duo for industrial cranes with 3 drives and trolley preselection.

With the FST 314 micron M, HBC presents a compact, tailor-made radio control for industrial cranes with 3 drives and trolley/hoist preselection. This innovation fits perfectly to the hand and persuades with numerous valuable features.

This solution includes the merlin® TUC (Transmitter User Card). With this handy card, you can easily and securely organize access rights to your cranes, protecting against unauthorized use.

The HBC safety features radiomatic® zero-g and inclination switch can trigger predefined safety functions on the machine in emergency situations, if for example, the activated transmitter is dropped by the operator. Importantly, these features offer extended and intelligent protection in special, potentially dangerous situations.

Another highlight is the merlin® technology itself. merlin® radio systems come without pairing, you can easily pair the transmitter and receiver yourself – with the merlin® RMC (Receiver Master Card). You can use it to freely combine all merlin® radio systems, and as a result, reduce your variety of inventory. In addition, if the radio transmitter is damaged, you can activate a spare transmitter in no time at all - even without the original transmitter. With HBC’s merlin® radio systems, our proven catch-release feature is included at no extra charge. Also included is our high-performing automatic frequency management Adaptive Frequency Hopping.

Thanks to this clever plug & play concept, the radio system can be installed and commissioned in just a few simple steps and without complex wiring. And with the certification of the radio receiver FSE 314 to UL/CSA 61010-1 and UL/CSA 61010-2-201, the radio control is also optimal for use in the North American market.


All details about the radio transmitter micron M can be found here.

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