Groundbreaking in Stollberg: Successful start to a new building project in the Ore Mountains / Germany

First-class products, fast and reliable service and always close to the customer: This is what HBC has stood for since their foundation more than 75 years ago. And to ensure that this remains the case in the future, we continuously invest in the further development of our company and our services.

With a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, June 16, 2023, the official start of our new building project in the Ore Mountains / Germany took place. In the next few months, a new production and office facility will be built in the Stollberg industrial park as the “HBC Stollberg” branch.

As a production facility, HBC Stollberg will take over several product lines of our radio remote controls for cranes and machinery and thus expanding further as one of three pillars of our German production. In addition, with the new location as a local point of contact, we will offer our East German customers optimal support for all matters relating to customer service and spare parts service.

From left to right: Marcel Schmidt (Mayor of the City of Stollberg) with his son, Jochen Fessel (architect, Fessel Architekt GmbH), Dorothee Roels (Commercial CEO, HBC-radiomatic GmbH), Dr.-Ing. Friederike Brendel (Technical CEO, HBC-radiomatic GmbH), Silvio Zahn (CEO, Baugesellschaft "Am Scheibenberg" mbH), Jan Kammerl (Head of the Wirtschaftsservice / Fachkraefte department, Wirtschaftsfoerderung Erzgebirge mbH)

The new facility will replace our previous rented premises in the Zwoenitz industrial complex. In addition to customer service and production, this also includes software development. The 13 employees currently working in Zwoenitz will move completely to the new location and can look forward to spacious premises and modern, comfortable, state-of-the-art workplaces.

The building will have around 850 square meters of production space plus an additional section that will house a reception area for customers and guests as well as offices. With the construction of the new facility, the expanded production and customer service facilities will double the amount of job opportunities available. Furthermore, the software and engineering services can be expanded.

The completion of the project is scheduled for mid-2024.

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