merlin® MAP:

Flexibility that saves money.

merlin® MAP stands for Machine Access Point. The idea behind this intelligent concept is the entirely flexible logging on and off of a radio transmitter to any radio receiver and thus to any machine – all without additional hardware.

Typical scenario
Several operators work in a pool of radio controlled machines (e.g. a set of cranes). With their transmitter, the operators log onto the machines they currently need by means of merlin® MAP. After this, the machine is released again. merlin® MAP offers maximum flexibility, even more operating comfort and drastically reduces the need for hardware – which saves money!

How it works
Each machine is equipped with a radio receiver and a merlin® MAP module, which is installed in an easily accessible location. To take over control of the machine, the operator holds his radio transmitter to the respective merlin® MAP module and logs onto the machine. After work is completed, the operator releases the machine again.

Example intralogistics
2 radio transmitters for 17 vehicles

In a pool of 17 radio-controlled transport vehicles, two operators work at the same time. Depending on the requirements, they log onto the vehicle that is needed with their radio transmitter by means of merlin® MAP. Thanks to the clever technology, they have flexible access to all 17 vehicles with just two transmitters. Until now, 17 complete radio systems (= 17 receivers + 17 transmitters) were needed for such configurations. merlin® MAP thus opens up new perspectives in efficiency and operating comfort.

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