merlin® RMC (Receiver Master Card):

Efficient, flexible, easy service.

merlin® RMC (Receiver Master Card) allows for the flexible pairing of merlin® transmitters with merlin® receivers as often as needed. Thus, this innovative card offers crucial benefits when it comes to the activation of spare transmitters and to the integration of additional transmitters to a transmitter group. In addition, the valuable catch-release feature by HBC is automatically included with merlin® RMC.

How it works:

  • merlin® radio systems are delivered without a fixed pairing of merlin® transmitter and merlin® receiver.
  • The customer can pair transmitter and receiver with the merlin® RMC (included in the delivery).


Your advantages:

  • In case the merlin® iLOG is lost or completely damaged, spare merlin® transmitters are quickly activated with the merlin® RMC in service cases.
  • Additional merlin® transmitters can be easily integrated into the system.
  • The proven HBC feature catch-release is automatically included when several merlin® transmitters are used in combination with a merlin® receiver.

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