radiomatic® photon MCS. The mobile camera assistance.

By video camera assistance, radiomatic® photon offers precise and safe operation in demanding working areas. radiomatic® photon MCS is the perfect choice for flexible use of the live camera at different locations.

  • MCS stands for Mobile Camera Solution.
  • The operator can place the camera wherever it is needed without any installation effort or cables.
  • For this purpose, the camera is mounted onto a handy and stable carrying frame with an integrated support leg.
  • It is supplied with voltage via two of HBC‘s rechargeable exchange batteries with high-performing Li-ion technology.
  • The camera can be optimally aligned for the respective working situation by means of the angularly adjustable camera mount.
  • radiomatic® photon MCS can be combined with numerous Orlaco cameras via the corresponding interface, for example with infrared versions as well as models with different fields of view.
  • Moreover, the modular MCS concept allows to change the camera model quickly and easily at any time.

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