radiomatic® range control. Keeping your operator in a safe place.

When operating heavy machinery, only a safe distance is the right distance. Getting too close to an activated machine can be just as dangerous as controlling without seeing the machine and the work environment. The solution is radiomatic® range control. By detecting the operator’s distance to the machine, this intelligent assistance feature keeps personnel and equipment always in a safe distance. The radiomatic® range control can be used for proximity or far field control, or both.

Benefits at a glance:

  • As a proximity detection solution, radiomatic® range control protects the operator from getting unintentionally in the machine's driving path or within the movement radius of machine components.
  • As a far field detection solution, radiomatic® range control prevents the operator from driving the machine out of safe view and accidentally moving it dangerously towards personnel or hitting obstacles in its path.
  • radiomatic® range control is a very valuable and intelligent safety assistance system for the operator and his working environment.
    The machine reaction resulting from an operator alert can be individually defined. Examples: reduced machine speed, horn, acoustic signal, transmitter vibration.

How it works:

  • Radial range areas with a STOP zone, a warning zone and a safe zone are defined around the machine.
  • In this way, the minimum distance between the operator and the machine can be defined for a proximity control.
  • As a far field control, the radial range areas can be used to define the maximum distance between the operator and the machine.
  • As soon as the operator enters the warning zone, radiomatic® range control triggers an operator alert and a pre-defined machine reaction.
  • Entering the STOP zone triggers an immediate stop of the machine.

Application examples:

Proximity control – example scenario 1: The operator’s position is within the green zone. They are working with a safe distance to the machine. All machine functions are operating at normal speed.

Proximity control – example scenario 2: The machine or the operator or both have moved. Their position is now in the STOP zone. The radiomatic® range control has triggered an immediate stop of the machine.

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