radiomatic® touch-to-activate. Safe and easy release of operating elements.

radiomatic<sup>®</sup> touch-to-activate. Safe and easy release of operating elements.

Many demanding or dangerous machine operations may only be performed if the operator is present and able to take quick action. radiomatic®touch-to-activate is the perfect choice for such special requirements.


This intelligent feature perfectly combines safety and ergonomics and offers additional protection against unintended machine movements. Configurable to align with typical operator behavior, to activate the operating elements and their associated machine commands, the operator must touch either the joystick or one/both roll-over bar/s (depending upon the version). Depending on the transmitter version, the activation is being indicated either by LED or by color display.

radiomatic® touch-to-activate via joystick.

Activation by joystick.

radiomatic® touch-to-activate via roll-over bar.

Activation by roll-over bar.

Status indication by LED.

Indication by LED.

Status indication by color display.

Indication by color display.


Benefits at a glance:

  • radiomatic® touch-to-activate protects the operator against unintended machine movements and ensures correct function of the joystick.
  • A joystick will remain activated as long as it is being touched. When the operator lets go, all output commands of the joystick will be canceled immediately. No joystick commands will function until it is activated again by the operator.
  • It is not necessary for the operator to keep a button pressed to activate control commands, saving energy and offering more comfortable operation.
  • radiomatic® touch-to-activate uses the latest sensor technology without any mechanical components and is completely free of wear.
  • The operating elements and movement commands to be radiomatic® “touch-to-activated” can be configured according to the customer’s wishes.
  • As long as the sensor is still being touched, a joystick will remain activated even if the operator's grip is adjusted, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  • This clever feature is designed to work reliably under damp conditions.


radiomatic® touch-to-activate is available separately in either the joystick version or the roll-over bar version. The HBC safety feature offers additional protection of the operator in specific working situations. For more information on our range of operating elements with functional safety we will be happy to assist you by phone at +49 7951 393-550 or via email at

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