Smart ADV: The innovative concept for the semi-autonomous control of machines.

Smart ADV is a groundbreaking key technology for the safe and efficient operation of autonomous vehicles in a wide range of applications, including construction, agriculture, and many other industries. The core of the concept is the combination of reliable HBC radio technology with high-precision GPS tracking from Reichhardt GmbH Steuerungstechnik, the strategic partner of HBC-radiomatic.

With the functionally safe HBC radio control, the operator can, for example, unload the machines from a transport trailer and drive them to the site of use. The operating elements developed by HBC allow for very precise and ergonomic machine operation. The integrated HBC safety technology enables the machine to be controlled and stopped safely at any time using an emergency stop – which is especially important during semi-autonomous driving.

The semi-autonomous operation is configured using an integrated tablet computer. The machine's paths or track lines can either be created manually or pre-defined on a PC, imported and then saved to repeat the task in the future. In semi-autonomous operation, the machine is then controlled using Reichhardt's fractions-of-an-inch precision GPS technology. This ensures significant improvements in terms of efficiency because the machine tracks precisely without wasteful overlap, and works only within the defined areas. As a result of this efficiency, the process is also particularly environmentally friendly.

The operator can use the HBC radio control to monitor the entire semi-autonomous work process from a safe and comfortable position. And with an optimal view of the machine, the operator is prepared to react quickly to take full control of the machine using the radio system to prevent dangerous situations or to address malfunctions.

See the following video for this HBC innovation in action:

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