spectrum. The new generation.

spectrum. The new generation.

Our classic spectrum series for the wireless control of cranes and machinery is now available with numerous new features and functions as well as with a completely new transmitter.

Look forward to:

  • spectrum 4 – our brandnew radio control for the most demanding machinery,
  • high-performing color display technology with spectrum A and spectrum B,
  • Li-ion battery technology with significantly enhanced operating times,
  • battery exchange without work interruption by radiomatic® CPS (Continuous Power Supply),
  • our HBC Safety Features radiomatic® shock-off / zero-g / inclination switch,
  • the safe release of operating elements by radiomatic® touch-to-activate,
  • an integrated flashlight,
  • LED front panel lighting,
  • and much more.

There will be no significant changes to the well-known design of our spectrum transmitters. As a result, we will offer you a perfect combination of a clear classic look and innovative control technology – distinctive features of our unique spectrum series!

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