radiomatic® photon 4CAM switch

Enhanced safety and operating comfort with up to 4 cameras.

radiomatic<sup>®</sup> photon 4CAM switch <p>Enhanced safety and operating comfort with up to 4 cameras.</p>

Your benefits:

  • By video camera camera assistance, radiomatic® photon offers precise and safe operation in demanding working areas.
  • In this version, the operator has simultaneous access to up to 4 cameras images.
  • The feature is therefore optimal for very demanding and / or complex areas of application.
  • Another highlight is the simultaneous display of up to 4 camera images via split screen. A four-part split screenenables different perspectives of the machine or the work
    situation and thus ensures additional safety and perfect comfort.

How it works:

  • Up to 4 cameras can be used in different positions on the machine.
  • Switching between the cameras is carried out using a control element on the transmitter.
  • With the radiomatic® photon 4CAM switch, the operator can switch to the standard data display at any time.
  • radiomatic® photon 4CAM switch is available for transmitters with 3.5" display or 5" display.

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