radiomatic® photon PTZ

Flexible field of view and more details with PTZ camera.

radiomatic<sup>®</sup> photon PTZ <p>Flexible field of view and more details with PTZ camera.</p>

Your benefits:

  • In this version, radiomatic® photon can be combined with a pivoting, tilting and zoomable camera (PTZ: Pan Tilt Zoom).
  • The operator can thus cover a significantly larger field of view with a single camera and have a flexible perspective adapted to the work situation.
  • Using the zoom function, he can also have individual sections of the camera's field of view displayed in a targeted and detailed manner.
  • This enables the precise detection of objects and processes as well as people in the work environment, if necessary, and thus ensures optimal comfort.
  • At the same time, safety for man and machine is increased.
  • radiomatic® photon PTZ is available for transmitters with 3.5" display or 5" display.

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