Spare parts and repairs

Spare parts and repairs

Spare parts and repairs

Spare parts and repairs

Spare parts and accessories shop

HBC products are known worldwide for their durability and quality.
However, we offer fast and reliable service if you ever experience any problems with our systems!

You can find an overview of all worldwide HBC service contacts here.


Our service in Germany:

  • Technical consulting
  • On-site repairs
  • 48 hour repair
  • 72 hour repair


Please request your repair in written form via email or fax, so we can provide you with a quotation.

You can reach our service teams in Crailsheim at:

Spare parts & accessories

Phone: +49 7951 393-520 Fax: +49 7951 393-802 Email:

Customer service and repairs

Phone: +49 7951 393-510 Fax: +49 7951 393-802 Email:

Forestry systems

Phone: +49 7951 393-845 Fax: +49 7951 393-793 Email:

Modifications and adjustments

Phone: +49 7951 393-887 Fax: +49 7951 393-793 Email:

Order your HBC spare parts conveniently and at any time: 

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